The easi team are aware that some owners are still not sure what is allowed when it comes to looking after their horse, hopefully the answers below will give you some further guidance.

Can I still ride my horse?
• Yes, but avoid activities that carry increased risk of injury such as jumping, fast work and riding young, fresh, spooky horses. Given that the health service is already stretched to the limits we should avoid these types of activities.

Can I transport my horse?
• It has been advised that you can only transport your horse for emergency care only.

What about vet visits?
• The British Equestrian Veterinary Association have advised veterinary members to focus on emergency treatment at present, however they say to contact your vet to discuss further.

What about farrier visits?
• Farriers are still permitted to work but advise horse owners to keep in contact with their farrier for updates.

What if my livery yard closes to owners?
• Respect any decision or restrictions put into place by the yard owner and have a care plan ready for your horse that includes feed requirements, exercise routine, rugs required and emergency contact numbers. This is also recommended in case you have to self-isolate and cannot get to the yard yourself to care for your horse.

D.I.Y livery yards-
• Try and limit visits to your horse and also the time you spend at the yard.
• Go to the yard solo, no passengers.
• Keep a safe distance from fellow liveries.
• Set up a rota so less people are at the yard in one day.
• Make sure you are washing your hands upon arrival, during the visit, before leaving and when you return home. Remember don’t touch your face and change your clothes as soon as your arrive home.

Please visit for further information.

If everyone does their bit to help stop the spread of the virus, hopefully it will not be too long until we can enjoy time with our equine friends again

Stay safe everyone from the easi team.

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