Due to all the restrictions that were put into place it has meant a lot of horses routines had to change. For example owners only seeing their horses once a day due to essential travel restrictions/livery yard rules and in some cases owners not being allowed to visit their horses at all – some horses have been completely turned away, which is a concern as 24/7 turnout coupled with the grass growing in abundance now.

The result of all this means some horses maybe suffering from –
Equine obesity
Fizzy excitable behaviour
In some cases even boredom

So as we are now thankfully at the start of coming out of lockdown, things can slowly get back to some sort of normality and we can start the battle against equine obesity and laminitis.
Bringing your horse in during the day will help reduce the amount sugar your horse eats (sugar levels during the day are highest during late afternoon and early evening), this in turn will help your horse to eat less calories.
easibed is great to use during this time as your horse will not eat the wood fibre bedding, meaning you can really control what your horse eats during their stabled time.
Also you can then start to bring back an exercise regime depending on how long your horse has been off work you may have to start off slowly and build things up, bearing in mind some horses may be rather keen to get back to work!!

Wood fibre beddings

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