Do you remember our Bird of the Month for January, Sky?

Well Sky has now fallen in LOVE! Just in time for Valentine’s Day too!

His owner Polly got in touch with us this week to tell us their beautiful love story and it was too good not to share with you all.

Sky has lost a companion recently and was lonely in the cage so Polly and her partner felt like she needed a new friend, “my Fiancé went to the pet store and saw this beautiful green bird. The pet store lady said this bird sadly had a short wing and no tail, we don’t know much about his story but he isn’t a good flyer. My Fiancé couldn’t leave the budgie there so he came home with us that day!”

This is when the romance blossomed between Sky and newcomer to the cage, House.

“Sky and House are very much in love they always snuggle together, sharing food from the same bowl and playing hide and seek. Their favourite place to sit is at the top of the curtain pole and love being our alarm clock till we feed them treat!”

Definitely true love there!

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