As the name suggests Lucy the ex-battery hen is one very lucky lady. She was found by owner Alan Fussey from Hull on the side of the road about a year ago.

Lucy was literally on deaths door with deep laceration’s that were maggot infested but with Alan’s care and the assistance of sleeping on biosecure and bacteria free easichick, she has regained full health and really is a beautiful Lucky Lucy.

She had to spend the first 6 weeks inside to recuperate and it took a while for Lucy to be well enough to lay eggs but now she lays an egg a day – what a clever girl!

“To really add insult to injury Lucky Lucy survived a fox attack in January this year, we think she must have the nine lives of a cat,” said Alan.

“I have been using easichick for about two years now, the chickens just love it and I find it’s great as it doesn’t blow around,” Alan added.

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