Meet Neville, a 14’3 dapple grey Arabian horse who is currently being nurtured back into a ridden life by Jacki Honeybourne. As an incredibly anxious horse he was sold to Jacki by a couple who although loved him, felt they were not offering him the lifestyle he required. He had spent the last couple of years living out on a side of a Welsh mountain with 2 other horses. Neville was becoming more and more distant from his owners and even his field companions. They were desperate to find someone who was prepared to give Neville the time and dedication they felt he deserved.

Jacki has a wealth of experience with horses so when the advert for Neville to be rehomed caught her eye, it was love at first sight.

Upon adopting Neville Jacki was made well aware of the possible difficulties for him to settle into a normal life, but was happy to take him under her wing. Within nine weeks of being in Jacki’s care, and with her husband Rod’s continuous support, Neville has managed to accept human contact, make friends with his other family members, Wilma the Whippet and Blossom the young cat and has even coped fantastically well with being stabled at night. In fact he now has 24 hour access to his stable due to the fact he loves it so much.

Jacki and Rod’s commitment to Neville was clear from the start, from shortening her hours at work so Jacki could spend more time bonding with him, to creating a stable large and comfy enough for him to adjust to his new home without feeling trapped or frightened in the process, they’ve taken it all in their stride.

And life for Jacki and Neville was made even easier by easibed as she needed an affordable bedding that would fulfil the purpose of keeping Neville comfortable and dry whilst not eating up her precious time mucking out when she could be bonding with Neville.

Jacki said: “I knew from the start that taking on Neville was going to be costly to us in time and money but I wanted to give him a new opportunity in life. Stabling him was difficult. He could barely trust me to approach him in the field to begin with so I wanted to make sure his stable was as comfortable and dry to avoid him feeling unsettled. This is when I found easibed. I watched your online video and saw how quick it was to muck out, and I was impressed!

“I decided to take the plunge and give easibed a try. The cost of the bedding did make me feel concerned in case we invested in a bedding that is exactly the same as any other brand on the market which I could get cheaper, but I was so pleased I trusted my instinct and gave it a try, it did exactly what was described and is so easy to muck out. I’d never think about using anything other than easibed now.”

Jacki reached out to easibedding HQ because she wanted to express how perfect the bedding has been for her and Neville, especially as he is going through such a difficult transition.

Jacki said: “The transformation in Neville has been amazing in such a short space of time, which I feel I owe in part to easibed because without it performing in his stable like it has I wouldn’t have had half the time to spend with Neville like I do now. Mucking out takes a couple of minutes and I know I can rely on the bedding to keep him clean and warm. Neville will stand happily in his stable even when I’m mucking out! He has been taught to ‘step over’ purely so I can lay his bed around him, that’s how much he loves his bed.

“I used to use straw with all of my former horses because it was cheap and seemed simple, but I can honestly say easibed is worth the investment. It’s so quick to muck out and stays in place and clean, even when my boy is in the stable. It’s not even as expensive as you first think, once the initial bed is set up I only need a couple of bales to top up every now and then, it’s fantastic.

“Keeping a horse at home also gave us the added worry of the muck heap size. With easibed I literally have one trugful of wet a day, what more can I say, it’s an amazing product!”

Neville continues to improve daily, he’ll hack out confidently on his own, so far clocking up on average 20 miles a week. He’s becoming a truly lovely horse. His favourite things in life are pears, mints and easibed!

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