We love hearing about your other pets that like to help out at your stables or in your horse boxes and thought we would share some of the recent ones with you.

First, meet Cookie, Lisa Caldecott’s dog. Absolutely no help whatsoever when it comes to mucking out but she loves to play with Roscoe the horse.

This is Ringo, Kay Mabin’s cat who loves keeping her company at the yard and looks like she’s ready to get on with the mucking out

Bo is the loyal friend of Jennifer Hyde and we think she might love the mud a little too much. Always around the yard helping out ( for helping out read getting caked in mud).

Next we have Molly, who belongs to Jan Nagel and is her little shadow wherever she goes…

Finally, we would like you to meet Dilly the mini dachshund.She belongs to Zoe King who says Dilly is her lorry dog, work dog, & general shadow. Dilly likes to help with the mucking out by eating any morsels of poo that fall through the fork – that’s another level of help that you won’t find anywhere else Zoe!!

We think they are all adorable and are sure they all make the best companions for your horses as well.

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