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Consortium winners try easichick

This month saw the third year of the annual Chicken Keepers Consortium held at Green End Farm in Oxfordshire. The event welcomed hen enthusiasts from around the UK to hear about breeding of stock and chat about their passion for poultry. All the Consortium guests were...

Flurry’s Fantastic Future

Like all horse lovers, here at easibedding HQ we always find it terribly sad when we hear of a horse having a bad start in life. That’s why we admire owners who take on a horse in need of a second chance and want to tell the world about it. That’s exactly what Helene...

New life for Neville

Meet Neville, a 14’3 dapple grey Arabian horse who is currently being nurtured back into a ridden life by Jacki Honeybourne. As an incredibly anxious horse he was sold to Jacki by a couple who although loved him, felt they were not offering him the lifestyle he...

Wood fibre beddings


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