Have you ever noticed how many horses are featured in movies? Game of Thrones, Justice League and War Horse to name a few. And not forgetting this year’s first-ever female superhero film Wonder Woman.

All those horses need expert training to deliver the demanding roles they portray in the films, plus their riders need vigorous training to carry out all the amazing stunts.

Georgina Armstrong is an equine stunt woman and to keep her performance at a high standard she has changed her team of horses onto easibed.

“easibed makes my life so much easier, I’ve got 10 horses at the moment and I know as horses come and go on my yard I don’t need to worry about any dust allergies because easibed is dust free, plus it’s unpalatable so the horses won’t eat it,” said Georgina.

Georgie’s passion is showjumping and she will be on the European circuit this year in the CSI shows. “I’m up and riding my horse before 5am every day before I go to work, so saving time is essential for me. easibed is so quick to muck out, I take the poo out every day and the wet every couple of weeks, easibed smells so good too!”

“When I’m working with the stunt horses I have to get them used to smoke machines, loud noises, flashing lights and during filming there might be as many as 60 horses that we’re working with – so much for a horse to deal with.

“I was the riding double in Wonder Woman this year where there is a huge amount of choreography to get the shots just right. With easibed I know when I take the horses out of their stables they don’t have their bedding stuck in their manes or tails and it doesn’t blow around and mess up the areas where we train and the yard.

“I also have a couple of very large horses 17.2hh, who need the stability under foot that easibed provides. This is yet another huge bonus. All my horses have such amazing personalities and they work so hard for me. easibed is a valued part of my team helping me perform with my horses to our greatest ability.”

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