January & February are normally long, dark months for many reasons, but as horse owners do we find it even harder?

Chocolate and Humbug normally have 2 weeks off over the festive period, so I normally start the New Year with plans to get them fit, ready for training outings and competitions.

I plan schooling, pole work, jumping exercises and so on – but starting this New Year in lockdown has meant that setting goals is a little different this year, as we are all grounded  for the foreseeable future.

Goals are still important to me as its gives me a direction that keeps me motivated during the dark, cold, months.

Another disadvantage of this time of year is the weather – so far we have seen warm weather, over 10 Celsius. Then we have seen flooding, followed by snow storms, followed by more flooding thanks to Storm Christoph – one minute I am taking a layer of rugs off and then I’m putting more rugs back on and the temperature is dramatically changing from one day to the next.
Unfortunately Team Sweet’s best made plans to get fit have not been free flowing, we have a lovely outdoor menage to exercise in. But due to the amount of rain we have had, followed by frost and then snow, I have been unable to regularly exercise either horse.So our plans are on hold now until the school defrosts, thankfully both horses enjoy PJ days tucked up in their easibeds, as we cannot even turn out this week as the fields are now like bogs.

I find easibed is great to use with the boys, with their legs being so muddy and wet when they do get to go out – easibed is firm and free draining, meaning plenty of air can circulate around their hooves and legs, allowing them to dry fully. As the urine drains straight through to the bottom of the bed keeping the top layer dry, I have peace of mind that the boy’s soles are keeping dry too – all this helps to keep conditions like mud fever and thrush at bay.


Wood fibre beddings

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