We’re delighted to announce the latest easichick ambassador to join the team as Rawston Poultry. A family hobby breeder based in Dorset, Rawston Poultry have been in poultry breeding for over 18 years. Keeping chicken has always been in the family, they first started off with a trio of Speckled Sussex Bantams. From then on the chicken obsession has continued and the flock keeps being added to.

“We started attending local shows in the south and realised all the different breeds of chickens out there, we are particularly interested in the older British breeds and it’s amazing how they all have different temperaments,” said Paul.

At the moment they have 15 different pens which contain two cockerels in each pen to help support the breeding programme. “We clean our birds out every other week and love the fresh clean smell you get when opening up the bales. The biosecurity is very important to us and also how absorbent the bedding is,” said Amanda, who also puts the waste bedding on her garden because it rots down well plus it has the organic farmers and growers accreditation.

When asking the family if they have a favourite breed it is very much split between Silkies and Sebrights. “We love the Sebright’s with their wonderfully patterned plumage, and Silkies because of their temperament. We keep such a variety of breeds such as Porcelain Sablepoots, Buff Orpington’s and Pekin’s to name but a few.”

We are currently happy with the size of the flock at the moment and have many people asking for hatching eggs currently. “It’s been very busy recently with hatching eggs and getting ready for hatching this year, so far we’ve done a small hatch already and we have another hatch this month. We always try to maintain good fertility by testing our eggs regularly, this ensures customer have good results from our eggs.”

Wood fibre beddings

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