Clare says …”With good success in our first online Dressage competition I decided to give it another go……

Chocolate however,  had other plans as he has been really spooky in the arena at home. We have had some very windy days so this may have been the cause but honestly Chocolate has phases of being spooky and sharp, so I just have to work with him and go with what I have some days. I made the decision not to enter the Novice as he was just not going forward enough and therefore I felt we would not have shown the judge what we could really do (I may look at trying him on a new calmer). However I think if we were competing away from home he would have been more forward and we would have had a good fair go at the Novice.

Humbug completed a fantastic Prelim 2 test, especially as it was only his second ever test and got placed 5th – As you can imagine with him winning a place in his second competition I was over the moon with him. I was also a little proud of myself as he has been home broken and it goes to show eventually all your hard work does pay off. Humbug had quite a few apples to celebrate!

Chocolate managed to pull off a win in the Prelim 2 test, so I was very pleased considering he has been giving me quite a bit of grief trying to film this test. Again hard work does pay off  –  Choc had lots of apples too!
To top this off Chocolate and I are now placed 2nd on the leader board with 27 points, the leader is currently on 31 points – not bad with 52 combinations on the leader board after being placed in this dressage league.
Our next competition in the series is next week  – Chocolate and I shall be entering the Prelim 18 and Novice 28. Humbug however will be entered for the Intro A test as he will help to show my niece Olivia the ropes in her first very Dressage test and now that lockdown has been lifted slightly it means she can once again come and ride Humbug – they have missed each other so much!
Check out our results in a couple of weeks and see how we got on”.

We look forward to seeing Team Sweet’s next results…….

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