It’s bot fly time – I found Chocolate covered in bot fly eggs the other day, they were all over his legs, shoulders, and belly.

The bot fly lays its eggs whilst they secrete a sticky substance which attaches the egg to your horse’s hair. You will find the small, round yellow-orange eggs on your horse’s throat, abdomen, and legs.

Removing the eggs prevents your horse ingesting them and helps to break the fly’s life cycle

You can remove the eggs that attach to your horse’s hair by using a bot knife.

If the eggs are not removed, they can easily be eaten, hatching in your horse’s mouth/throat where they tunnel into the mucous membranes, eventually making their way down to your horse’s stomach, they can cause mild tissue irritation along the way. The larvae can live in the stomach for around 8-10 months before being passed out, re-contaminating the soil, this is when the bot fly life cycle starts again.

You can also worm your horse against bot larvae after the first frost in the Autumn, frost kills the adult flies meaning no more eggs can be laid, therefore breaking the life cycle of the bot fly.

Check out for further information on the bot fly.



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