Clare from Team Sweet tells us how much better easibed has been for her horses “straw slippers “…….

I am sure that anyone who has used straw for bedding will be all too familiar with horses ‘straw slippers’! This is when the straw becomes soiled and wet and then compacts within the horse’s hooves. Not only does this create mess when the horse leaves the stable, it can also prevent air flow to the feet, which can then lead to conditions such as thrush which is a foul smelling bacterial infection.
The photos below show you examples of ‘straw slippers’ and the mess they create when you take your horse out of the stable, unless you are well trained and pick out your horses feet first!


Team Sweets photos below show how little bedding gets trapped in the hoof compared with straw, obviously we cannot prevent droppings from compacting but the fact that most of bedding freely drops away from the hoof goes to prove less mess is created and therefore less waste!

Chocolate’s Slippers                Humbug’s Slippers

We will catch up with Team Sweet for another update very soon……..

Wood fibre beddings

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