Last month I was lucky enough to have a session with ‘Amy MacKinnon Equestrian Mindset Coach’.

I am actually quite a nervous rider (due to a bad fall years ago) and it makes me put a lot and I mean ALOT of pressure on myself to get things right. I work very hard to fight my demons.

Sometimes I find it hard to watch others move forwards with their equine partners and sometimes feel stuck and left behind.

We discussed my fear and where it came from and how it not only affects me but Chocolate too.

Lots of great things came out of the mindset session

These 2 have already helped….

1: Make a plan so you know what you would like to achieve from your horse every time you ride, but always have a back-up plan that can take you and your horse back to a ‘happy place’ in the event things go a little wrong. This will increase your and your horse’s confidence together. I have applied this to my riding and it really does make a difference. But don’t be too scared to come back out of the happy place!

2: We created a motivational quote “It’s better to be effective than perfect’.

I love these words and it has already made me more effective. I have even put the words in the trailer ready for our next outing.

I would like to say thank you to Amy for helping me to rethink things – positive thinking really does make a difference with horses and nerves.


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