Team Sweet tell us about their first training sessions since lockdown……

“It’s amazing as horse riders, we work hard training and learning new things yet as soon as we concentrate on a different exercise/movement whether it’s leg yielding or tucking your elbows in – the next minute your horse has lost the ability to trot and just wants to canter everywhere and suddenly your left foot no longer stays in the stirrup!

Anyway we decided with it being our first lesson back that we should do something a little different from our normal routine. As Chocolate has been spooking in the arena lately Sue thought it would be a good idea to put some raised trot poles out in the ‘scary area’ of the school, forcing us to work in that area – I was dreading this from the moment I saw the poles there – I thought I was going to have to hang on for dear life!

However, Chocolate surprised me as he had to concentrate so hard to make the poles that he did not have any time for silly business – although he made me work hard, convincing him and myself that all was well!. I always feel so motivated after my lessons, but after this lesson though Chocolate was ready for his bed! He got to enjoy a lovely wash down followed by a snooze in his easibed!

It’s great knowing that the bedding that your horse is snoozing on is helping to support his joints after a hard training session”.

We look forward to catching up with Team Sweet soon…..


Wood fibre beddings

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