We asked Clare from Team Sweet about the free draining benefit of easibed ……

“A lot of people ask me what ‘Free Draining’ means and why it is beneficial to your horse when using easibed.
Most horse bedding products like straw, shavings, paper, cardboard are all absorbent types of bedding, meaning that when your horse wees the urine is absorbed by the bedding which creates wet, smelly areas of the bed that needs removing on a daily basis.
When your horse urinates on the wood fibres that easibed is made of, the urine drains straight through the fibres to the bottom of the bed keeping the top layer of the bed and your horse dry. The wood fibres also help to trap some of the ammonia smell in the bottom layer of the bed, which helps to keep your horse’s bed smelling nice and fresh.

easibed is a deep litter bedding system that needs to be at least 6 inches deep to allow for the bedding to be free draining and supportive.

Team Sweet have carried out a little experiment using an example of fresh easibed 6 inches deep, that had the same amount of fluid added every day to try and replicate a horse urinating. This experiment is to try and show how fluid drains straight to the bottom of the bed and continues to do so until the wood fibres eventually absorb the fluid over a longer period of time.

The experiment was carried out for well over 2 weeks and as you can see by the photos the fluid stays at the bottom of the bed and then gradually absorbs upwards.

This goes to show you don’t need to take the wet out of an easibed daily, just skip out the droppings. This will not only save you time, but money spent on bedding too as there is less waste.

When the wood fibres have eventually absorbed the fluid, they turn darker in colour and in the stable environment this is when you would remove the wet patch of bedding

Did you know – Keeping your horse’s feet dry can help prevent conditions such as thrush.






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