Meet Buffy, Annie and Elmo who we like to call the three musketeers. These three birds are inseparable inside and outside the coop, they have the most special bond between them.

Elmo is the cockerel and lives up to his boisterous reputation behaving like a teenager in the garden, but he takes his job as king of the roost very seriously and is always on hand looking after his girls.

Both girls Annie (wheaten) and Buffy (grey) are fun, friendly and just a little bit ditzy! They’re a little quirky but will do anything for a mealworm treat! Who can blame them when treats are involved?!

This inseparable trio don’t only enjoy roaming in the garden together, but they also love to snuggle up in their coop together on their fresh bed of easichick. Their keeper Aaron said: ‘We love easichick bedding. It’s warm, not dusty or messy and doesn’t get blown by the wind! Perfect for our happy hens and king cockerel!’

Wood fibre beddings

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