This is what Tilly had to say on her lockdown experience…..

“As a varying version of lockdown is looking likely for the foreseeable future, I thought I would share how I have been coping during these strange and unprecedented times.I have learnt to appreciate the little things like walking the dog, this is no longer a chore but a nice change to get out of the house and explore some of the paths I usually just fly by when I’m trying to zoom Ted round our usual route, I’m sure Ted has enjoyed the longer, different walks too.

Usually guilty of being told I’m trying to do too much by my loved ones, I initially found it hard to slow down but think I have finally accepted that we can’t do everything right now!! The relief of slowing down and taking my time to do fewer things in my weeks has certainly helped with my mental health. As a result, I have learnt to enjoy the slower pace of life and the increase in free time. Be it at home with my other half getting all those odd jobs’ completed whilst the Dog sunbathes, gardening (before lockdown I was far from green-fingered; now I have heard that Alan Titchmarsh wants my number for some top tips), or at the farm being able to set up proper workouts for Terry and me rather than squeezing in a ride here and there where I could before I would have to rush home for dinner.

With the increased free time I have also been able to give Terry’s stable and bed some proper TLC. Even though he is living out at the moment I still like him to have a lush easibed bed for if the weather is a bit ropey or should he need to come in for any reason. I took the opportunity to replace all the deep litter that easibed bedding allows you to do and make it fluffy and new again. Terry shows his appreciation by coming in from the field to roll all in the easibed every day,  he loves it, bless him.

Finally, I vowed to get fitter. As a horse rider, I don’t know why but I assume I have a certain level of fitness and so thought I would put this to the test whilst on lockdown and put back on my running shoes. Despite a couple of blisters, the after-run buzz has been amazing and I really recommend running to anyone looking to get fit while enjoying the countryside. Especially if you still can’t see your horses for whatever reasons.

As things are on the upturn I have been told I will be going back to working from home soon instead of being on furlough but I am going to try and keep some of these new ways of life as a part of my routine. This will include not filling up my calendar with something for every hour of the day so I can live and breathe a little more.”

Have you learn’t anything whilst on lockdown that you’ll be trying to implement once life goes back to ‘normal’?

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