easibed lover Tilly Gill shares her top tips for how she keeps her gorgeous horse, Terry, bright white.

“The best advice I have ever been given is prevention is better than having to tackle them when it comes to stains!

The prevention measures I use include Terry wearing a hood when being turned out and field boots to stop mud from being able to get to him in the first place. The boots also help to prevent mud fever and the hood stops all the mud getting all over his neck and face when he inevitably rolls in the muddiest part of the field.

Another good bit of advice I was given was to remove the urine out of the stable every day stopping it from being allowed to become stagnate and build up, which would in turn create stains when Terry lay down. This is where easibed comes in as it’s free draining leaving the top dry and this makes removing the wet bits everyday a quick and easy task, without wasting tonnes of bedding in the process.

Unfortunately, it’s never possible to cover every square inch of a horse so my aim is to make it harder for the mud to stick to the places I can’t cover and I do this by using an oil based spray. It makes it easier to brush the mud off Terry when it’s dried as the surface is less sticky. I use a coarse brush and a rubber curry comb which helps the mud come away with ease. There’s always that little bit that refuses to budge and for that I like to use an easy off no-rinse shampoo.

On show days purple shampoo is our best friend, it brings Terry’s coat up lovely and bright white again. A top tip is to wash the tail twice, once to get the mud out and second time leave on to soak in and rinse off at the end.

To finish off I hot rag him with a combination of warm water and oil to get his coat nice and ‘shiny’.

With all the prevention methods I’ve put in place I’ve found bathing takes a lot less time and effort and shows up even better results. A little effort for a big reward”.



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