At easibed we’re delighted to support Dani and watch her train and develop her horses, she’s doing so well with them both!

Dani said: “Bud’s coming up to 21, he jumped round the Hickstead 1.05m BRC champs, got to BD Quest regionals and went to nationals for Arena Eventing – not bad for an old boy! He has AAD (allergic airways disease)  which means he is allergic to dust, mould, pollen and ammonia and he can’t even live outside in the summer as he struggles when the pollen count is up. He has also suffered with his hooves, so easibed is great for maintaining his health and wellbeing.

Little Sol has really come into her own this year. She had her first go at combined training and got to her first nationals in doing so, did her first one day event and qualified the London & South East Champs, where she only had one pole in the showjumping and was really bold around the cross country during that wet October and qualified for BD quest regionals. They’ve both been superstars for me .

Bud’s been with me nearly 15 years now and when he fractured his leg in 2017, very kindly I was offered the use of a yard that’s only 2 miles from my house to make the rehab process easier.  The deal was to look after the other animals there when needed, which keeps me on my toes with the goats and chickens. At the time there wasn’t another horse at the yard and Bud can be a bit panicky if he’s left on his own so, I needed to find a companion pony pretty quickly. As luck would have it, Sol’s old owner came along and would be great to keep Bud company and hopefully keep me sane with something to ride until I had some answers about Bud coming back into work

As it happened, Bud came back beautifully and having some time off seemed to do him the world of good. Sol just kept surprising me with how much better she was than expected. I then had the problem of wanting to compete her and not having anything to keep Bud company whilst out with her (thankfully Sol doesn’t care if she’s on her own, as long as she’s got hay).

Another stroke of luck occurred when my yard owner brought me his lovely youngster to do some growing. We weren’t expecting her to get much bigger, but she’s turned into a giant and has been friends with Bud & Sol for just over a year. She’s going off to be backed this weekend, so I’ll really miss her as she’s really easy taking less than 10 minutes to muck out on her easibed. In the meantime, I’ll be borrowing various equines from friends when I’m going to be away for longer than a couple of hours to keep whoever stays at home company!”                                                                        

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