Kayleigh swapped her bedding over to easibed a few weeks ago and here’s what a happy Kayleigh had to say about it …

“Vayen is 4 years old and I’ve had her 8 months now, she came to me in a bit of a state but with TLC shes happy, fit and well, I’ve only been on easibed a few weeks but I’m already loving it. For me it saves time on mucking out (she is filthy to muck and thinks it’s acceptable to walk her poo through everywhere!) She’s also very wet and with straw I was having to put a fresh bale down pretty much every day. Now we are using easibed I’m only having to put a bale down once a week, if that!
Vayen also had scabs on her legs when I got her, we had multiple vet visits and creams and washes and antibiotics and nothing was working, so looking into bedding options I thought to give easibed a go to see if it made a difference. Her legs (dare I say it) have really began to clear up and she seems to love her new bedding as much as me!

It’s also so nice to bring her out of the stable and not have to worry about her classic ‘straw slippers’ which she’d leave a trail of and being a 16.2 Belgium draft X she has dinner plate feet!

We are both very proud to now be part of the easibed easilovers gang!”

We are so pleased to hear it’s all working out well for you both Kayleigh.

Wood fibre beddings

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