National Sales Manager for easiproducts Claire Hayward caught the bug for riding when she was only 10 years old. She first went to a local stables with her friend who had horses and after spending weekends and evenings at the yard she knew then she wanted to be involved with horses.

“From then on I wanted to own my own horse, so whilst having lessons at Mobberley Riding School I decided to studied for my BHS I and II qualifications; I wanted to understand all about horses,” said Claire.

Claire would help children at her local stables learn to ride and also take the horses out to compete at shows; horses were now her passion so she worked hard and saved up for her own.

“I’d always wanted a black Section D gelding and after finding one that would be perfect for me I was really excited, but the seller pulled out at the last minute. I would need to start my search again. A friend found a Welsh Section D in Bolton but she was a chestnut mare. I was persuaded to go and see her so we went and I fell in love. She had a real attitude and was very feisty, everything that you’d imagine with a chestnut mare really, but I loved that and so I bought her.”

Belle is now the ripe old age of 24 and Claire has owned her for 17 years. “Belle has dust allergies and easibed being dust free is a huge help to her. She went through many foot problems and bouts of lameness at one stage and after working with the vet and a new farrier she’s now back on track. easibed is great for her feet, the bed is firm and supportive, stays dry on the top and allows her to maintain great hoof health. It is also really supportive of her joints and limbs, which is important as a veteran horse.”

“I’ve gone back to having lessons and I’m thinking of doing some veteran showing in the future. I really think that easibed helps Belle retain her suppleness and provides fantastic support . We used to do ridden and in hand showing when she was much younger but after the foot problems we stopped. Belle looks so great for her age, I know she would really enjoy being back out on the circuit again,” Claire added.

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