William Dyson is a garden curator and avid chicken keeper near Sevenoaks in Kent.

Speaking to William: “I have been keeping chickens for 40 years now and have tried every make and type of bedding on the market. easichick is by far the best; it has virtually no dust content, smells nice, the birds are very happy with it and your environmental credentials are second to none. What’s not to like about it?”

William also breeds and sells pure and rare poultry, currently having approximately 200 birds in about 18 breeds.

William runs a show called ‘Hens & Gardens’ which is an annual event taking place this year on Saturday 16th June with talks from Daily Telegraph journalist and author of numerous hen-keeping books Francine Raymond. There will be advice from a specialist poultry vet and sales of pure-breed poultry plus all manner of hen-keeping paraphernalia.

Wood fibre beddings

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