Why use a deep litter technique with easibed?

23rd October 2023

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Why is using a deep litter bedding beneficial for you and your horse?

easibed stable – deep litter bed

Deep litter bedding is when you create a 6–8-inch deep for your horse’s stable.

You can skip out the mess on the top layer, whilst letting the liquid sink underneath the bed to allow a supportive base and clean top of the bed.

Because of this, the deep litter bedding technique can not only save you time, but also money. Due to not having to muck out every day, you are able to save money by reducing the number of bales used regularly.

It’s important to make sure you are using a clean, dry and dust free bedding when using this technique, to avoid mould, respiratory issues, and ammonia.

easibed is completely dust free and free draining. Which means that it will allow the liquid to sink to the bottom of the bed, keeping the top nice and fresh. Whilst not producing dust that could cause your horse harm.

If you would like to try the deep litter bed technique with easibed, follow this link to check out your local easibed stockist: https://easibedding.co.uk/easibed/easibed-retailers/

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