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easibed | dust free horse bedding uk

easibed is a dust free & supportive equine bedding which saves you time & money.

easichick | chicken bedding uk

easichick is a dust free wood fibre bedding specially designed for poultry and other birds.

easicattle | cattle bedding

easicattle is a reduced dust wood fibre bedding designed specifically for dairy cattle.

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Testing for worms

Use a targeted approach to worming – carry out a worm egg count for each horse and then you can make an informed decision to whether your horse requires treatment in the form of a wormer or whether your pasture management is working well enough not to warrant a...

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It’s a Dressage League win for Team Sweet!

It’s a Dressage League win for Team Sweet!

"Humbug and Olivia did great in their Intro class gaining a very respectable 68.48% giving them 4th place – I am loving seeing their relationship grow together as we have owed Humbug since he was two, Olivia was only 7 back then.                                       ...

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Team Sweet – it’s good to be training again!

Team Sweet – it’s good to be training again!

Team Sweet tell us about their first training sessions since lockdown...... "It’s amazing as horse riders, we work hard training and learning new things yet as soon as we concentrate on a different exercise/movement whether it’s leg yielding or tucking your elbows in...

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What customers have to say about easirange animal bedding products

We use easibed on our whole yard and find it so easy to keep the beds really clean.  We're away at shows all year round and even at the busiest times easibed allows us to maintain consistent high standards on the yard, which is important because it keeps the horses healthy and jumping at their peak.

Ellen Whitaker

International Show Jumper

When choosing litter types and sources for poultry, consistent physical quality, good microbiological status, and delivery with good biosecurity are all important. Poultry Health Services has worked closely with the manufacturers of easichick for many years to help ensure that it delivers this for the poultry industry and all other users of their products. We have always found the company to be very responsive to the needs of our clients

Paul McMullin

Senior Veterinarian, Poultry Health Services

I'm absolutely convinced our horses are more comfortable and content in their stables because of easibed, which results in more focused performance in training and competition.

It has also helped with their breathing and definitely contributed to our success.

Billy Twomey

Top International show jumper

Benefits of using easi dust free bedding for your animals…

easibed Dust Free Horse Bedding

Dust free


Warm & comfortable


Bacteria free


Easy to use




Doesn’t blow around

easichick chicken bedding

Woody and Chip welcome you to the easi community

Wood fibre beddings

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