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9th October 2023

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3 Ways to Use Easichick with Pet Parrots!

easichick is a dust free and bacteria free wood fibre bedding which makes it perfect to use with pet parrots, from budgies and cockatiels, to macaws and cockatoos!

Our flock of 8 parrots are thriving thanks to incorporating easichick into their husbandry routine.

How to use easichick with parrots

Here are 3 ways to use easichick with your pet parrot:

  1. As a cage substrate: Instead of using bars at the base of your cage which are a nightmare to clean and can be uncomfortable on your bird’s feet, instead opt for removing them, and filling the tray with easichick. If you spot clean the easichick twice a day, and full clean it once a week, you’ll have no problem keeping the space clean for your bird. Choosing to use easichick will allow your bird to use their whole cage right down to the base, instead of only using the top third like many birds do. This will allow for even more opportunities for enrichment for your bird!
  2. In a foraging tray: In the wild, parrots would spend up to 70% of their day foraging, so we will be helping to meet their physical and psychological needs by allowing them lots of opportunities to forage in our homes. Foraging trays can be used in their cage if you are unable to remove the bottom bars, but they are also fantastic to use out of the cage too! You can get up an area for your bird to explore which can include a foraging tray filled with easichick, toy parts, and lots of tasty treats to keep them busy and active!
  3. On their playstand: In order to allow our birds to play independently, we need to offer them lots of bird safe places to hang out and self entertain. A playstand is a great way to do this – food and water bowls, shreddable toys and foraging areas can all be part of an engaging playstand! You can use easichick on the base of a playstand, or even in the bowls to get our bird spending longer working for their food.

Using easichick with your bird can allow them to express natural behaviours and provide mental stimulation – if you have any other ideas for using easichick, let us know!

Snap a photo of your bird enjoying their easichick and tag us @easichick – happy foraging!

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