Using easichick with a one legged bird

26th February 2024

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Have you seen our easichick ambassador Sophie’s recent YouTube video?

Sophie discuss’ how she looks after Louie, her one-legged bird.

Louie the one legged bird

Here are some of her essentials:

  • Platform perch: when louis gets tired, the platform perch is the perfect place for Louie to relax or play with toys.
  • Kipling: Kipling is Louie’s companion and boyfriend/bestie. Kipling plays a big role in supporting Louie, even physically. When Louie gets tired, he can sit next to Kipling and rest up against him.
  • Nails: Keeping Louie’s nails longer means that he can use them for extra grip.
  • easichick: Using easichick as a substrate at the bottom of Louie’s cage means that he can go down and use the space at the bottom of the cage, without trying to keep stable on the bars. It also allows any bird to use the entirety of their cage, instead of being confined to the top third of the cage.

easichick is dust free and is organically treated to be biosecure, helping to protect your birds from any unwanted bacteria, moulds and spores.

Check out Sophie’s social media’s: @birdnerdsophie

To find out more about easichick, check out our website…link in our bio.

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