Tips to help your horses sleep.

22nd January 2024

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Having a restful sleep can sometimes be the start to a great day as a human.

And the same goes for our horses.

Here are some ways you can help your horse have the best nights sleep:

          Make sure your stable is big enough for your horse. This enhances their manoeuvrability.

          Clean bedding and deep bedding to protect their joints from a hard floor or prevent them being cast.

          Ensure a quiet environment, if this can’t be controlled you can always introduce white noise to block out any unwanted sounds that might disturb them.

          Turn off the barn lights – like[KH1]  humans horses like to sleep in a dark environment. This also helps them regulate their body clock.

          Keep them with their friends, horses are herd animals who sleep better surrounded by other horses. But make sure they get on, otherwise they’ll be awake all night arguing.

To find out more, check out our references:,get%20that%20essential%20REM%20sleep.

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 [KH1]Should this say like?