Team Sweet – How easibed supports team sweet

6th September 2023

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How does easibed support Team Sweet –

easibed supports Clare and Chocolate in more ways than you may think – Clare tells us more,

easibed is-

Dust free – Chocolate no longer coughs when stabled, unlike when I was using straw, he would cough frequently due to the high level of dust in the straw.   Free Draining – Chocolate urinates quite a lot in his stable, but as the wood fibres of easibed allow the wet to drain straight to the bottom of the bed, Chocolate always stays nice and dry. Supportive – Whilst Chocolate is resting in his stable, easibeds comfortable, firm bed supports his joints and legs.

Inedible – As easibed is inedible it gives me great piece of mind knowing Chocolate is only eating what I have given him whilst he is stabled. This is great news for owners with horses/ponies that are prone to eating their bedding.Fresh Smell – not only does a fresh bale of easibed smell divine, easibed does a great job at absorbing the ammonia smell, trapping any odours in the bed, keeping the bed fresh for longer and keeping you horses’ environment pleasant and healthier to be in. Time saving – As I only need to take the wet out of Choc’s stable once a week, all I need to do the rest of the time is skip out the droppings and give the bed a quick tidy.  Saves me money – 1 x fresh easibed bale a week, that’s all that I require to top up the bed, keeping Chocolate comfortable and of course happy. easibed allow allows Air flow – Due to the nature of easibed, Chocolate stands on top of his bed as opposed to standing in it, this allows air to circulate under his feet, which in turn helps to prevent conditions such as thrush. Also, there is no splashback – the reason Chocolate loves to have a wee in his stable is because easibed does not create splashback – urine splashback can burn your horse’s skin. It is always worthwhile occasionally watching your horse urinate to see if your bedding prevents splash back or not. Some horses will not wee if splashback makes them feel uncomfortable.

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