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25th August 2023

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Why does my choice in bedding effect my horses breathing?

British Horse Society – respiratory system of a horse

This question is regularly raised to us here at the easiteam.

But the ultimate goal when your horse has breathing issues, or if you are looking to prevent any breathing issues occurring, is to make sure the air is as clean and fresh as possible.

Stables are very dusty. This dust cannot simply be eliminated from their stable environment, but it can be managed.

One of the best ways to start this process is to invest in a dust free bedding.

Straw is known to be very a dusty choice and is not suitable for a lot of horses.

So, your main options for a dust free bedding are shavings, paper, or wood fibre.

The choice of these is completely up to horse and owner. One option may suit your lifestyle and horse better, but each have certain advantages.

easibed is made from high grade recycled wood to become wood fibres, similar to a wood chip.

easibed is put through a rigorous dust extraction process to ensure it is as dust free as possible.

This way you can bed your horse on easibed without the worry of it effecting your horse negatively. [KH1] 

Not only is opting for a dust free bedding good for your horse, but it also has a positive effect on owners who have breathing issues.

Clare from easibed’s very own Team Sweet, has struggled with asthma for years and didn’t realise the negative affect straw was having on her condition.

The switch to easibed has not only stopped Clare from coughing, spluttering, and wheezing when mucking out, but also helped to reduce Clare’s horse, Chocolate, from coughing in his stable.

Such a small change like a bedding switch can make such a huge difference.

Link to a useful article: https://www.bhs.org.uk/horse-care-and-welfare/health-care-management/horse-health/equine-asthma/

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