Team Sweet – Out and About

23rd August 2023

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‘Chocolate has always been a great traveller in my trailer, he loads fine and always seems happy to get back onboard when heading home – the only thing we have always struggled with is the fact Chocolate will not wee when he is away from home and certainly not on the trailer!

Since he has got a little older, he needs a wee a little more often, just as we all do! On occasion when traveling Chocolate and he is desperate for a wee, he will bang a front leg on the trailer floor all the way home! Naughty Chocolate Pony!’

‘However, I was very proud of him over the weekend when we popped out for a school hire – Chocolate FINALLY had a wee on his trailer!  As you can imagine he had lots of pats and sweets to tell him he was a good boy!’

I always use easibed in my trailer for the following reasons –

·         easibed is dust free – this is key when spreading bedding in a small, confined area such as a trailer or horse box.

·         easibed doesn’t blow around – easibed stays put on those windy days. When I used straw, I would open the ramp up and gain a face full of bedding!

·         easibed smells fresh for longer, creating a pleasant environment.

·         easibed is still free draining even in the trailer – my trailer has ribbed rubber matting which allows the wet to drain along the channels and then eventually out of the trailer.

·         easibed supports Chocolate under foot, helping to prevent him from slipping whilst travelling.

·         easibed is really easi to sweep out and keep tidy.

Have you tried easibed in your trailer or horsebox?

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