Introducing a bird to easichick – BirdNerdSophie

3rd April 2023

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BirdNerdSophie tells us her experience on introducing a bird to easichick and how her new flock member Charlie found it:

‘New flock member tries easichick for the first time!

We have been very busy here at BirdNerd HQ – our flock has expanded to 8 parrots with the addition of 4 year old crimson bellied conure, Charlie!

Charlie is a real character, and talks all day long. He is an inquisitive little man, we were so excited to remove the bars from his cage and add an easichick base for him to explore. We were initially concerned that he might be nervous of the change, but within a few minutes, he was down in the easichick, foraging and squealing with delight!

We waited for a few days after he came home before changing this over as we didn’t want to cause him any stress, but he was showing so much curiosity to the other cage bases that we knew it was time to try it with him too!

Charlie is still a little nervous of floor and foot toys, so we have stuck to the plain easichick base for now, but on the first day that easichick was introduced, he was down in the substrate and playing for over half an hour straight!

We also made him a small easichick foraging box so he can enjoy substrate out of the cage too – this is great for birds who have not experienced a substrate base before.

Not every bird will be as adventurous as Charlie at investigating substrate for the first time, so make sure you encourage them with treats or target training to utilise the whole of their cage or aviary.

The great thing about using easichick is that it’d dust free and bacteria free which gives us peace of mind that it is perfectly safe to use with our mischievous flock!’

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