Woody’s Horse of the Month – April 2023

3rd April 2023

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Congratulations to Woody’s Horse of the Month for April Trooper and his owner Tracey!

Here is what Tracey told us about their journey with easibed…

‘Here is Trooper who loves his easibed.

easibed is super important for this big boy because:

  • It’s dust free: Trooper has asthma and has daily nebuliser. Using easibed I can be assured that the risk of dusty bedding is reduced as much as possible.
  • Leg support: When you have BIG Shire x Cob legs you need as much support for those tired limbs, which easibed provides. Especially after a hard day of hunting.
  • easibed is free draining: Trooper drinks a lot. What goes is, comes out. But using easibed means that the wet sinks underneath the bed keeping his feet dry. We’re always happy to have a dry bed.
  • easi by name, easi by nature: easi to muck out, easi to handle and easitokens to collect too. I’m looking forward to saving my tokens and browsing the easi shop.’

If you would like to nominate your horse for Woody’s Horse of the Month, email us on [email protected], with pictures of your horse and why you both love easibed.

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