Team Sweet – Bedding prices & horses

5th December 2022

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Team Sweet – Bedding prices & horses

When we caught up with Clare from Team Sweet she relayed some of the questions and worries that horse owners are experiencing this winter with bedding prices going up and a national shortage of shavings.  We hope this helps…

Why are bedding prices are going up?  As we all know, fuel prices have been high for months now, other manufacturing costs have also been going up and these costs have been absorbed but now, lots of businesses are also facing massive rises in their energy costs. Unfortunately, businesses can only absorb these rising costs for so long before they have no choice, but to pass the extra cost onto the end user.

Why is there a national shaving’s shortage?  This is due to the downturn in the DIY projects post covid and generally less timber around, there are less shavings available.

Will this affect easibed supplies? No, it won’t as our bedding is made from wood fibre not shavings.

Can horse owners cut bedding costs when using easibed? Absolutely – once your easibed is established you will be taking less waste out therefore putting less fresh bedding back in – in turn saving you money.

Maybe it’s time to make yours and your horse’s life a little easier – easibed is readily available and it has lots of positive benefits …..

easibed is ….

  • Dust free which is healthier for you and your horse
  • Supportive, warm, and comfortable
  • Free draining keeping your horse dry
  • ‘Easi’ to muck out, creates less waste and a smaller muck heap

If you have any questions for Clare from Team Sweet regarding easibed, please feel free to comment and she will be more than happy to help.

To find your local easibed stockist, check out our retailer finder HERE