How to use easichick for birds with disabilities

5th December 2022

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@birdnerdsophie tells us how she uses easichick for birds with disabilities:

Using easichick with Louis, the one legged conure!

Louis is our two year old green cheeked conure. He is a little bundle of fun and has a huge personality, but the thing that people notice first about him is the fact that he only has one leg!

You wouldn’t know that he has a disability, as he is able to get around just fine and is an excellent flyer. One of the things that does make living with one leg a lot easier and more enriching is having easichick at the base of his cage.

He lives with Kipling, a crimson bellied conure, and both birds loves making their way down to the easichick base to forage for tasty snacks. Using easichick instead of the bars that are found at the bottom of most cages is great, not only for opening up the whole of the cage to enjoy, but it’s also much softer on his foot. This means it’s much easier for him to move about and exercise.

easichick is also great to use with birds that have disabilities as it’s a way of providing a comfortable area for them to sit down on if they need to. On occasion, Louis will rest his leg by sitting on the easichick base whilst Kipling preens him. This is a much better option than fabric cosy huts as they can cause crop impaction or increase hormonal behaviour.

It’s really easi to keep the easichick base clean and safe for him to play in – we spot clean twice a day and full clean once a week. The easichick itself is bacteria free and dust free which gives us peace of mind that it’s safe for the boys to play in if you are considering using easichick with your bird, I highly recommend trying it! All seven of my birds spend a good portion of the day on their easichick bases and it has changed their lives!

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