Avian flu – how can easichick help?

5th December 2022

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Avian flu and how easichick bedding can help:

Unfortunately, avian flu is still a threat in the UK with multiple positives being recorded in wild birds each week and 2022 being the year with the largest and longest ever outbreak of the virus. This also means the possibility of this spreading to domestic poultry is increasing.


As bird owners it’s important to remember how easi it is for avian flu to spread. The virus thrives in winter months, due to cold temperatures and can live within faeces and soil for weeks.

We want our birds to be able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for as long as possible, so it’s important to start looking at ways we can prevent the spread of avian flu.

But how can easichick help?

easichick is an organically treated biosecure bedding specifically created for all avians.

So, the bedding will prevent harmful spores, moulds and bacteria. Meaning the virus will struggle to survive in our bedding, creating a barrier between your chick and soil whilst making it easier for you to poo pick their coop, as the bedding stays dry and movable on top.

easichick is biosecure, which ensures that your easichick bale is completely free from bacteria from creation to your coop.

Reference: The small holder magazine: VET ADVICE, Pages 34-38. Written by David Parsons, MRCVS

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