easichick biosecure poultry bedding

award winning poultry bedding

Guaranteed to be biosecure from factory to farm

easichick has been used by major growers, breeders and rearers in the commercial market for over 15 years

  • 1 easichick bedding is made from 100% clean, processed recycled wood
  • 2 Guaranteed biosecure and bacteria free from production to your farm - Independent weekly testing for all bedding produced and supplied
  • 3 Manufactured and stocked to a consistent quality for your peace of mind - no seasonality issues
  • 4 Reduces ammonia resulting in significant reductions in hock burn - Free movement of the bedding reduces pododermatitis
  • 5 Delivers excellent thermal properties
  • 6 It reduces capping and the need to top up due to the structure of wood and how birds use it

Why farmers love easichick biosecure poultry bedding...


‘easichick have been great – the bedding is fit for purpose, blown into the houses in a biosecure, neat, and tidy way and the team are fantastic. From the initial look at the product options, to ordering, to reviewing the outcomes on site the support has been in place from team members that know their stuff, are efficient, helpful, and great to work with.’

Jon Sargent, General Manager Hay Farms

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