Team Sweet – Snowy Days

14th March 2023

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Team Sweet talks about snowy days as an equestrian:

My non horsey friends always say, ‘WOW it must be so beautiful riding your horse in the snow’ picturing in their mind of horses being ridden across a field with that beautiful back drop with all the beautiful snow.

Well, the reality to most equestrians is SNOW IS NOT FUN; not nice, not anything except more hard work.

If you are not dicing with death trying to drive to the yard, hoping that you and your car arrives in one piece, you are worrying about the greater risk of injury to your horse through slipping, tripping, or falling in the horrendous white stuff.

I try to keep Choc tucked up in his easibed dust free equine bedding on snowy days, as I worry about the snow impaction in his feet/shoes – although I was not quite quick enough to get him in the other day and this is exactly what happened.

I worry about the extra pressure/strain to his joints and legs – you can apply oil to their feet before turnout to try and prevents this, but I was too late on this occasion.

Snowy days – Chocolate standing on easibed dust free bedding

easibed creates a firm bed which means your horse stands on the bed instead of standing in it, allowing air to circulate around your horse’s feet and allowing them to dry naturally.

easibed can massively help towards thrush prevention/treatment.

Every horse needs an easibed after being out in those wet/snowy fields.

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