Team Sweet – Sun and Fly Protection

14th June 2023

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Sun and Fly Protection

We caught up with Clare from Team Sweet to see how she helps to protect Chocolate from the sun and the flies during the warmer months.

“It feels like it was only 5 minutes since we were rugging up for the cold/wet weather and now it’s time to consider rugging up to protect your horse against flies and the sun.” 

Chocolate is not a fan of either if I am being totally honest with you, I genuinely think this is because he spends at least 7 months of the year (September to March) rugged up for the cold. So, to then take those rugs off and put more rugs back on, he misses the chance to be ‘naked’ for a bit. The face that he pulls when you put his fly rug and mask on says it all really!

Chocolate – sun and fly protection mask

So, I am mindful that on the slightly duller, breezy days I make sure I leave him naked so he can feel the sun on his back and enjoy it. However, during those muggy, still days I make sure he is fully covered, ensuring fly cream/spray is used in the places that you cannot cover.

Chocolate – sun and fly protection rug

Did you know?

  • Fly rugs are a lightweight fine mesh rug that protects your horse against biting flies and midges, therefore reducing the chance of unsightly and uncomfortable bumps, rashes or other skin irritations caused by certain flies, midges, and other biting insects.
  • The sun and harmful UV rays are another factor to consider for those long, hot summer days. Dark coated horses like Chocolate can be susceptible to overheating in the sun, by putting a fly rug on him it not only helps keep him cool, but it also helps to decrease bleaching in his coat from the in the sun. With light-coloured horses, fly rugs will protect them against sun burn and skin cancers.
  • Fly masks prevent horses from becoming mentally and physically distressed by being constantly bothered by flies.
  • Not forgetting though fly masks will also offer you horse a layer of protection, shielding their face and eyes from harmful UV rays. Fly masks will also block out dirt and tall grass, which can potentially irritate your horse’s eyes. 

Fly rugs and fly masks should be considered for every horse’s wardrobe, to make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the warmer summer months.

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