Team Sweet – Poo Pick

21st June 2023

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Why do I poo pick Chocolate’s field every day?

We caught up with Team Sweet and asked Clare ‘why she thinks it’s important to complete poo picking Chocolate’s field every day?’.

Team Sweet’s field chores – poo picking.

There are a few reasons why I poo pick daily-

  • Removing droppings daily from the field prevents the spread of worms/larvae onto the grass, meaning Chocolate has less chance of ingesting any worms – Chocolate is tested for worms regularly and is often below the worm threshold of when a worming treatment is advised.
  • The number of flies in and around your paddock will be reduced when droppings are removed regularly.
  • Poo picking daily will save time and effort in the long run – it literally takes me 5 minutes to poo pick.
  • Crows and other birds can make quite a mess as the spread out the droppings, picking out any insects/worms that are hiding, poo picking daily makes it easier.

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