Team Sweet – easibed saves the day

19th May 2023

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Yet again, easibed saves the day.

Spring is in the air, the lush green grass is as far as the eye can see, throw in the occasional sunny day, we are all dreaming of the summer months that lie ahead of us.

Then new horses arrive at the yard – Chocolate isn’t normally bothered when it comes to horses moving to and from the yard, as he has always been happy with his own company as long as he can see a horse in the distance.

However, the other day Chocolate lit up like a spark when some of the new horses were taken in for the day!

He was seen cavorting around his paddock at top speed, throwing out movements that Valegro can only dream of!

I was totally unaware of the shenanigans that had been happening whilst I was busy working.

When I went to bring Chocolate in and I suspected something had happened as his field was quite churned up……………and then I saw it, he had only gone and pulled a front shoe off which is not something he normally does!

I was so frustrated with him as he now had a very sore foot. I managed to retrieve the shoe, thankfully with all 5 nails still in situ – at least it was a clean swipe off!

Straight away I knew the best thing for him was to rest up on his easibed whilst we await the farrier to come and put his shoe back on. I hoped we would not have to wait too long.

Did you know?

  • easibed supports your horse’s legs and joints.
  • easibed allows air flow under your horse’s foot.

I kept Chocolate in overnight on his easibed, he seemed a little easier on his foot the following morning. He was even better after the farrier came out the same day to put his shoe back on, great service from our farrier as always.

As a precaution Chocolate stayed in for the rest of the day and again overnight – by the time I turned him out he was sound and raring to go, much to my relief as we have our first competition of the season planned in a couple of weeks!

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