easichick is a dust free wood fibre bedding which has been specially designed for poultry and other birds

easichick boasts a host of benefits not found with traditional poultry beddings, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to provide the best for their birds from day old chicks to adult birds, while saving themselves time cleaning out houses. And because less bedding is used it proves more economical too.

easichick is biosecure making it bacteria free*, which is great not only for protecting the health of your birds and chicks, but also for protecting the health of unhatched chicks because it guards against bacteria travelling through the shell. Because easichick is absorbent and free draining, it doesn’t get wet on top and it lasts longer in poultry houses than traditional beddings, hence less time is spent cleaning it out.

Birds love dust bathing in easichick as part of their natural behaviour. And bird owners love it because it is less messy and ideal for soaking up muddy runs in winter.

Organic Framers and Growers | easirangeeasichick also has Organic Farmers and Growers approval so can be composted and spread on your garden.

*Using standard laboratory tests with a limit of detection of 20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus), 10 organisms/gram (enterobacteria) and 1 viable organism/25 g (Salmonella).

Why our customers love easichick…

“It’s great to know we have a bedding we can truly rely upon, knowing it’s clean and comfortable for my white Bantam show girls is so important. I know that easichick gives me nothing to worry about, it’s easy to clean the coop, there’s a pleasant smell and the girls are happy.”

Abbie, Poland Frizzle enthusiast

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Chip’s bird of the month is…

Meet Smudge, Chips ‘Bird of the Month’ for December.

When Smudge was only a few days old his mother died so needed hand rearing by his owner Darren from South Wales. Smudge is now four and Darren thinks easichick has made a massive difference to the health of the birds and cleanliness of their aviary.

“I have been keeping budgies since I was 12 years old and they’re part of my life,” said Darren. “Smudge is a real character and he and his buddies really love easichick.”

If you’d like to see your feathered friend featured as our easichick Bird of the Month send us your photo and a few details to hello@easibedding.co.uk

Youngest ambassador to join the easichick team!

Eight-year-old Lewis Wilkinson, a prize-winning Silkie exhibitor from Western Super Mare, is the latest ambassador to join the easichick team. Lewis’ love of chickens started when he was only four after his mum managed to convince him that cows weren’t the most...

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easichick is a revolution in poultry bedding…

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