easibed is a break-through in horse bedding. Its dust free and supportive properties have made it a favourite with horses and their owners alike for more than 15 years.

Made from clean recycled wood, easibed provides a comfortable, free-draining and economical bed for your horse to live on, and a dust free, healthy environment for you to work in. The consistency of easibed means it gives a supportive and free-draining bed, allowing the wet to drain through to the base where it’s absorbed, and leaving the top dry and comfortable for your horse, creating a bed it won’t want to leave! What’s more, you use less easibed than you would with traditional beddings such as straw and shavings, so you spend less time mucking out and your muck heap is smaller – saving you time and money! Organic Framers and Growers | easirangeeasibed has Organic Farmers & Growers certification, so it can also be spread on land as part of an organic farming system. What more could you ask for?

See Claire our easibed Sales Manager setting up an easibed stable for a new customer. She shares her top tips on how to save time and money using it.

Why our customers love easibed…

We use easibed on our whole yard and find it so easy to keep the beds really clean.  We’re away at shows all year round and even at the busiest times easibed allows us to maintain consistent high standards on the yard, which is important because it keeps the horses healthy and jumping at their peak.

Ellen Whitaker

International Show Jumper

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Woody’s easibed horse of the month is…

Here is Woody’s “easibed Horse of the Month” for June.

This is Tia a 22 year old, chestnut mare who has been owned by Shirley for 12 years.

Shirley said: “Tia is what I call a ‘pony of a lifetime’ because I can trust her whenever I am riding.  I had an accident jumping a few years ago and I thought I’d never give it another go, but Tia built up my confidence and we are now back to showjumping on a regular basis, which we both love!”

Tia’s progression in eventing and showjumping has improved so much over the years and even more so now she is sleeping on easibed. In previous years Tia used to live outside throughout winter. Shirley said: “She had such terrible stable cough, but I heard about easibed and I could see straight away just from opening the bales in the stable – no dust! I was instantly amazed!”

Tia is now able to be stabled throughout the winter since being on easibed not one cough, I couldn’t be happier!”

If you’d like to be our easibed Horse of the Month send us your photo and a few details to hello@easibedding.co.uk.


Meet Billy at Bolesworth International Show

We delighted to offer an amazing competition to meet easibed sponsored rider Billy Twomey at the forthcoming Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show on Friday 15 June. One lucky winner will be given two tickets to a full day at Bolesworth Horse Show to see the...

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easibed announces new Leg Up For Talent scheme partner

Kent based rider Danielle Letherby is the newest rider to be offered sponsorship from easibed equine bedding through grassroots equestrian scheme Leg Up For Talent (LUFT). LUFT helps young, aspiring riders to realise their potential by matching them up with suitable...

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How to use easibed

Setting up an easibed stable is simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Start with a clean stable. If you have rubber matting, ensure this is clean and dry before laying easibed.

Step 2

Add easibed to a depth of at least six inches. Set the bed with a good quality shavings fork, so that it is level and firm.

Step 3

Move your horse in and enjoy the benefits of a dust free environment for you and your horse.

Step 4

Periodically remove all easibed, and clean and dry mats before laying fresh bedding.

Step 5

Enjoy more time riding!

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